Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a committee comprised of youth ages 8-18 and college-age students who are committed to creating positive change in Greensboro, NC and Guilford County.

The mission of the YAC is to empower, improve, enhance, and connect the lives of youth that reside in Greensboro, NC and/or Guilford County. The YAC serves as a direct link between youth, Unifour One staff and members of the community.


To provide a platform for youth to present their ideas, suggestions and recommendations for creating positive change in the community.
To serve as a liaison between youth in the community, Unifour One Staff and the community.
To provide advice to the Unifour One Board of Directors on relevant issues of young people in the community.
To provide community service projects that will benefit the community.
To advocate on issues that concern youth and our local community.
We are always looking for active, community-minded students who can increase awareness of Unifour One’s efforts and serve our community and their wishes for a better community. The YAC allows students to gain hands on experience in non-profit management, event planning, program support, earn community service hours and apply their areas of study – all while building their resumes, build community support, gain exposure and participate in civic engagement opportunities. But most importantly they will be giving back to their communities.

The advisory council works in groups that enhance the probability of success of the age groups of their peers.

ØRising Stars: ages 8-10
ØEmerging Leaders: ages 11-13
ØPeer Leaders: ages 14-15 year old
ØExecutives in Training: ages 16-18
ØTrailblazers: College Students/ Internship Opportunities age 18 & up

A Greensboro or Guilford County Resident that is between the ages of 8 and 18
A college student in Greensboro or Guilford County
Interesting in learning how a non-profit works
Motivated to make a difference in the community
Willing to express your ideas
Eager to participate in community events and volunteer activities
Possess leadership skills
Able to work with others as a team
Wanting to improve your speaking, presentation and decision making skills
Looking to form new and exciting friendships
Committed to participating in YAC meetings and activities
Interested in Service Learning opportunities

Application for the Youth Advisory Council for fiscal year 2014-2015

For more information please call (336) 541-8669